Thursday, April 29, 2010

How to Min/Max through Glyphs

As a dps class we care about one thing... DPS! That much is obvious. But to be honest how far do we really want to go and get as much as we want. This is where Min/Max comes in. Despite professions, gems and enchants there are other ways to min/max your dps. Gems, enchants and professions everyone talks about. I'm going to talk about glyphs and rotation, on a fight by fight for "Hardmode/heroic" Icecrown for 10 and 25 mans, yes there is a difference.

For purpose's I'll be talking about certain glyphs. Starfall, Moonfire, Starfire, Typhoon, Insect Swarm, Focus

Lord Marrowgar
Glyphs - Moonfire, Starfire, Starfall, Typhoon (minor). Why these? Considering your going to switch targets often. I like the choice of Moonfire because knowing when bonespikes are coming thanks to our lovely boss mods, I'll reapply both moonfire and Insect swarm to keep my dots up and my Idol up. And since i'm keeping up moonfire its a higher DPS to have that glyph'd. Starfire, with glyph of moonfire it kind of comes hand in hand. Starfall is pretty much a basic glyph and its cooldown being up especially with it being up basically every other bonespike is a extra dps, again try and precast it. And if you truly want to min max your damage during this, cast Mark of the Wild and hopefully get your 2pc to proc. Now why typhoon. Well you don't need the knock back, but it brings up an increased range (width) to it. So you might be able to hit that one bonespike thats out of range.

Lady Deathwhisper
Glyphs - Moonfire, Starfire, Starfall, Typhoon (minor) again. I have pretty much the same reasoning for Moonfire, starfire and starfall as in the Lord Marrowgar encounter. I've thought about using focus here instead of the Starfire glyph, because Starfall can break CC's during mind controls, so decreasing its radius could be a benefit. But it doing extra damage when you group all the adds up in p1 it provides and extra punch. My guild brings all the adds and attempts to stack them all up on Lady Deathwhisper for cleaves and such (exactly like Anub). Thats also the reason I glyph typhoon for it. You're going use typhoon its a can do some nice spike damage and it can give you a NG proc for you if you're going to hurricane.

Glyphs - I haven't really found a negative point for any of the standard moonkin glyphs, Moonfire, Starfire, Insect Swarm, Starfall, Focus. So whatever you are using for Lady Deathwhisper you might as well keep it.

Glyphs - Moonfire, Starfire, Starfall. MAKE SURE YOU'RE NOT GLYPHED FOR TYPHOON. The pushback is extremely usefull as you push into heroic mode. Again try and time starfalls to come out as the beast. I mean don't use it on cooldown use it before or just as the beasts come out its a way to increase you're dps. I usually reapply both dots (just like in marrowgar) before the beasts come out pop my keybind to Mark of the Wild and then starfall and typhoon as soon as the beasts come out and then go to town.

Plaguewing Bosses
I'm going to cover them all in one swoop, although the fight mechanics aren't the same there is similarity to the glyphs you should be using to get as much dps as possible.

Pretty much use what I have as a standard glyph make up of Moonfire, Starfire and Starfall. I do glyph typhoon because of the heavy movement associated with all of these fights in heroic mode. Again during movement or just before reapplying your two DoTs try and use mark of the wild to get Clearcasting (Omen of Doom) to proc.

Rotface is an exception. I would say you can use Focus Insect Swarm and Starfall for the maximum DPS setup since there isn't target switching and you can limit your movement. Again this applies to you have complete comfort with knowledge of the encounter.


Blood Prince Council.
Glyphs - Moonfire, Starfire, Insect Swarm/Focus. Why no starfall? Well considering that the dark nucleus are floating everywhere I try to make it easier for our Keleseth tank to keep them by not using starfall on cooldown. Or if you glyph Focus you can just use it when he's on the other side of the room. Again I try and refrain from using my typhoon for the same purposes(until you know its clear) but again this fight trys and limits your movement so typhoon shouldn't be used as often anyway.

Blood Queen Lanathel.
Glyphs - FOR MAXIMUM DPS (depending where you stand) the Glyphs you should use are Insect Swarm, Focus, Starfall. They provide the highest DPS throughput in any fight techniquelly. If you are able to stand within 20 yards of BQL, I would suggest using these three glyphs. Again if you are not able to I'd use Moonfire Starfire Starfall, because that provides a higher dps than Insect swarm and either Moonfire or Starfire.

Valithra Dreamwalker
Glyphs - Focus, Starfall, Insect swarm. Because of the high AoE and lots of target switching, I find it usefull to maximixe your AoE here. Also a suggestion. Do not glyph typhoon on this fight because you are able to daze the Supressors, giving your healers more time on dreamwalker without their debuffs up.

Glyphs - Focus, Starfall, Insect swarm. Since these are the highest single target DPS glyphs, you should probably use them. But there is a bit of an Issue in P3 if you're using these glyphs. Because of your increased starfall damage you may prematurely break a block or force other dps to break a block early not allowing tanks/healers/other dps to clear stacks of mystic buffet. Again its your personal choice and I'd talk to your raid leader, or if you guys are attempting her, rotate and see what is good for you and your guild.

Lich King - Starfall and NOT TYPHOON are the only necessities I see for this fight. So DO NOT use typhoon in p1 unless you want to get yelled at by tanks/raid leader/ officers. The Daze affect is a HUGE benefit for Valkyrs and for Vile Spirits in phases 2/3 (I don't count transitions as phases). Its a personal choice again with a lot of target switching Focus could be huge. Especially for the AoE in p3. But again your raid might require of you to NOT glyph for insect swarm for the 3% hit debuff it applies to targets, small dps to you but could be a huge benefit to your tank not taking that extra melee swing.

All of these are for 25 man Ice Crown Citadel.

For any changes in 10 mans. You can probably switch any Moonfire, Starfire, Starfall setups to Insect Swarm, Focus, Starfall. Since there is more room you're able to stand closer to the boss. There are also less adds though on any fight with Adds. So that might affect your choices. But there are ways to increase your dps on a fight by fight. Don't be afraid to try something different. Experiment with your class its one of the few ways you'll be able to help yourself out. And one comment on Lady Deathwhisper on 10 man. I try and stay close to or within melee range so I can go to cat form and Cower if necessary to drop threat. We don't have a threat reduction talent for druids except that one. I have had to do this multiple times so be wary.

Anyway I hope you found this somewhat useful. Give me a comment about if you feel differently.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

First Blog

After reading so many other blogs, rev's, graylo's, and many other druid blogs and I figured that I could be doing this so here I am writing my first blog. I guess I should try and figure out what to talk about. So I'm basically just going to give you a little bit about my knowledge of being A) a balance druid. B) A caster. C) An experienced wow player.

A) I've currently been playing a balance druid since the release of patch 3.0. Of course dabbling with being a bear and a tree and even a cat when my guild required it. But since the release of patch 3.0 I've been a die-hard Moonkin. I fell in love with the playstyle and when they released twisting eclipse's it made it even better. I have gotten the meta achievements for 10 man wrath (Naxx/os/maly). Ulduar 10/ ulduar 25 (if we ever do yogg-1 again and i'm there) and ICC 10 with almost all of my ICC25 achievements done. I currently am the boomkin for Dawn Of Valor on Spinebreaker, currently ranked 99th in the US in terms of ICC25 progression and 84th according to ICC25 achievements.

B) I've played a caster class in raiding since joining World of Warcraft in 2005. Starting off with a gnome warlock. And raiding through MC/AQ20/most of 40/ ZG/ BWL/ Ony. When Burning crusade came around I decided to switch factions and change classes, rerolled a Troll Mage. Killing everything upto and including Illidan (2 weeks after the release of Sunwell). I had to stop raiding a few weeks after that illidan kill for real life reasons. Decided to level up my druid because I decided I wanted to tank/heal. So at the end of BC I was MT'n for a 10 man guild doing ZA timed runs and pugging BT/MH with another guild. But again when 3.0 was released I went back to my roots as a caster.

C) As you can see in section B. I've played wow and experienced pretty much everything you can with raiding in this game. I currently love theorycrafting on new bosses and different ways to do encounters IE achievements/hardmodes. I participated in server first kills of OS 3d 10, quite possibly the hardest fight at available gear level until hitting Heroic Lich King and feeling so feeble. I attempted two weeks straight of Yogg-0 attempts. Having to miss one night due to my work schedule changing I missed out on Death's Demise. But I'm determined to get my Light of Dawn and Bane of the Fallen King as server firsts.

Anyway this is my first post on my blog. I should be posting every couple days so feel free to check back in.