Tuesday, April 27, 2010

First Blog

After reading so many other blogs, rev's, graylo's, and many other druid blogs and I figured that I could be doing this so here I am writing my first blog. I guess I should try and figure out what to talk about. So I'm basically just going to give you a little bit about my knowledge of being A) a balance druid. B) A caster. C) An experienced wow player.

A) I've currently been playing a balance druid since the release of patch 3.0. Of course dabbling with being a bear and a tree and even a cat when my guild required it. But since the release of patch 3.0 I've been a die-hard Moonkin. I fell in love with the playstyle and when they released twisting eclipse's it made it even better. I have gotten the meta achievements for 10 man wrath (Naxx/os/maly). Ulduar 10/ ulduar 25 (if we ever do yogg-1 again and i'm there) and ICC 10 with almost all of my ICC25 achievements done. I currently am the boomkin for Dawn Of Valor on Spinebreaker, currently ranked 99th in the US in terms of ICC25 progression and 84th according to ICC25 achievements.

B) I've played a caster class in raiding since joining World of Warcraft in 2005. Starting off with a gnome warlock. And raiding through MC/AQ20/most of 40/ ZG/ BWL/ Ony. When Burning crusade came around I decided to switch factions and change classes, rerolled a Troll Mage. Killing everything upto and including Illidan (2 weeks after the release of Sunwell). I had to stop raiding a few weeks after that illidan kill for real life reasons. Decided to level up my druid because I decided I wanted to tank/heal. So at the end of BC I was MT'n for a 10 man guild doing ZA timed runs and pugging BT/MH with another guild. But again when 3.0 was released I went back to my roots as a caster.

C) As you can see in section B. I've played wow and experienced pretty much everything you can with raiding in this game. I currently love theorycrafting on new bosses and different ways to do encounters IE achievements/hardmodes. I participated in server first kills of OS 3d 10, quite possibly the hardest fight at available gear level until hitting Heroic Lich King and feeling so feeble. I attempted two weeks straight of Yogg-0 attempts. Having to miss one night due to my work schedule changing I missed out on Death's Demise. But I'm determined to get my Light of Dawn and Bane of the Fallen King as server firsts.

Anyway this is my first post on my blog. I should be posting every couple days so feel free to check back in.

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