Thursday, May 20, 2010

Heroic 10 man LK


Quite possibly the funnest 10 man fight since Sarth 3d's with 213/226 gear level items. AKA naxx level. This took a lot of coordination and many many many nights. I think we spent 3 weeks basically of attempts on it until we got a kill from it.

What we did: We ran a group makeup of Prot pally, Prot warrior, Holy Pally, Disc priest and your basic ranged cleave group. Ele shaman, Boomkin, Arc Mage, Afflic lock, Spriest and MM hunter.

My glyph setup was actually Starfall, Insect Swarm and Moonfire for this fight.

Phase 1: BLOODLUST at the start. We stacked on top each other with the two tanks seperate. Basically we just started at the throne and dropped shadow traps in a circle until 70% and transition. Pally on LK, Warrior on shamblers. Shambler tank was in front and the LK tank was behind him basically 25 yards so he could easily move around if there was shadow trap on the shambler tank.
Transition. (basically the exact same on 10 man) Since our warrior was on the shamblers (1 was still up during the transition) Prot pally grabbed first 2 Raging Spirits. MD on the second one from the hunter and the warrior grabbed the 3rd for the transition after endless winter.

Phase 2: Basic phase two, we finished burning the raging spirit. MAKE SURE your hunter is MD'n on cooldown on the LK tank. We had a lot of threat issues, ever other class except for myself had a threat reduction, i did get 2 salves during this phase. I used starfall on cooldown during this phase and i saved typhoon for when the valk(s) were first dropping in because its a cleave for us. Yay dps!! *note* The valkyrs drop at 50% so we could actually stop dps'n around 52/53% because of the 3 dot classes able to do that extra 3% giving us extra time on LK. We had 4 valkyrs come down and on the 4th we followed it out to the edge because we basically transitioned after/during its duration.
Transition. Pally grabbed first 2 ragings and warrior next 2. Again MD's on the 1st and 3rd valkyrs. Since the 2nd and 4ths ones should already be up allowing tanks to initially put threat up. With our dps and the 15% buff we were able to have the third raging by the time we entered our first frostmourne stage.

Phase 3: We continued to burn the raging spirits because of the 15% buff. (at the time of the 5%/10% you weren't able to do this and kill all four raging spirits and most kills left the 4th one up) Here comes the important part for any boomkins out there. MAKE SURE YOUR STARFALL IS UP DURING THIS PHASE. When he sends everyone into frostmourne, wait around 5/6 seconds and pop starfall. I also used typhoon (i had it unglyphed so i could knock back) here to push spirits back. *note do this relatively early in the room so its up for the vile spirits outside* We killed the first set of vile spirits and soaked the rest. We killed the first set because we ran 1 spriest and we weren't going to have our holy pally soak, and we had that raging spirit up so our warrior couldn't soak. The warrior always soaked first coming out of the frostmourne room giving our spriest as much time on the boss as possible. After that its basically a rinse and repeat on these things. We had our bloodlust up again after our second frostmourne room and we used it then. You should bloodlust after a frostmourne room to give it maximum uptime for DPS on the LK. When either we were slowing moving or viles weren't going correctly i used typhoon to knock them back and we could then soak off the new positions. Also its viable for 1 ranged to soak 1 or two viles (it was on me because I was able to barkskin).

Sorry it took me so long to write again, been busy with work and raiding and not having much time for anything else with my other RL obligations. Anywho hope this helps anyone that is pushing for this kill in their guild/10 man raiding group. If you have any questions comments leave'm here and I'll be glad to fill you in on the finer details.

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