Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Remote AH (testing)

Sadly I don't have any of my 80's on a server with this availabilty but I do have an alt from one of my original servers. Its quite an interesting tool. I don't see a real use to this add-on though unless you're an avid Auction House user/player. I've never been one to really be all about AH use. I mean yeah I know how to make gold on this game, but unless you're out there to buy things I deem unnecessary to raiding or advancement to raiding, there is no need for more than 20-30k gold. Which also is attainable through other such things I.E dailies and getting lucky with some rolls/drops.

But for people that are "players" on the Auction House, this is a great way to maximize your profits and such. Especially if you are unable to actually be in-game. This is also a great way to keep using the AH while you're on vacation or some other reason to keep you away from the computer. Although don't expect to be really bringing in the massive amounts of gold you used to because with this addition to the wow universe there will be more and more people able to utilize the auction house at random times, so those steals of Lichbloom or Cardinal rubies that you can find for like 70 g for the ruby or 15g for the stack of Lichbloom after you raid, might not be there because of other people being able to access the auction house. I also wonder if you'll be able to actually be able to access the AH if you're in game but not at an AH, I.E in an instance and be able to use the remote AH from your phone and deal with it that way.

I do have to say bravo to blizzard for being able to implement something that can keep players around more. It is nice that people who would get turned off because the weren't able to make money and were broke in this game to utilize the AH and make tons of gold.

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